30 x 83 steel building house with minimalist interior design


This minimalist-looking house residing on a quiet area and covered with steel panels featuring vertical borders is another masterpiece by Morton Buildings. While a lot of homes are imperfectly square, this model  built for Ann of Barry, IL comes with a rectangular shape.

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The bottom portion of the house has a touch of brown while the steel panels are painted in beige. On one side are huge windows that add a little edge in it. The roof, similar to the body, comes with a plain design.

Compare Steel Building Prices. Save Up To 30%!

How do you plan on using your steel building?

The two garage doors on one end are painted in plain white.  It’s marvelous to find how white can quickly blend with brown and beige. Leading you inside it is a door adjacent to it.

While the exterior seems to have no astounding features, the interior offers a different impression. As soon as you get inside, you’d surely be amazed at the ingenuity of several people behind it.

Unexpectedly, this property got a lot to offer – from the spacious garage to the contemporary designed dining area with a bar counter at the side to a relaxing area behind the huge windows, and to the warm atmosphere in the living room. There is definitely no reason to reject it.

  The kitchen with wooden counters and cabinets is a real stunner! The bedroom with wooden furniture is simple yet cozy. The bed frame is matched well with the bed sheet and pillowcase. Inside the laundry rooms are cute decorations. The living room painted with playful colors provides a homey feel for anyone to get completely relaxed.

With every piece of the furniture made of wood, it makes the house look modern and more appealing.  Furniture pieces polished in darker shade may, in fact, bring sophistication to the place.


Not to mention that the wood gets lovelier as time passes by provided it is well maintained.

With the right color matching the motif of your house and an appropriate set of furniture, you can make the house more elegant. Bring some creativity as well!  To make the place brighter, painting the walls white is a good choice.

The ballpark price of the property starts from $25 to $80 per square feet. The price may vary depending on the materials used, finishes, additionals (window, doors, etc.), permits and so on.

Special Features:

Morton’s Hi-Rib Steel


Morton’s Energy Performer Insulation Package


Windows w/ Shutters




30’W x 10’H x 83’L


Contact Morton Buildings, Project number: 37-4409


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