Cheers to a Perfect Place to Raise a Big Family of Horse Lovers!


The lovely steel horse barn is so huge that it can accommodate about 8 horses while the three-door garage can hold up 3 mini tractors or 5 cars.

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How do you plan on using your steel building?

This spectacular out of the ordinary horse barn with huge dimensions is a project of Morton Buildings for a couple in Summerfield, NC. Not just is the home itself stunning, yet the backyard is simply excellent!

Compare Steel Building Prices. Save Up To 30%!

How do you plan on using your steel building?

The structure’s exterior seems so satisfying to the eye, thanks to its gorgeous teal and cream tone. A stunning detailed brick facade makes the primary entryway inviting while its maroon color suit the teal and cream shade of the abode so nicely. 

To provide the home a proportionate design, its left and right wings  are uniformly spaced. Meanwhile, to make sure that horses won’t stray away, a black steel fence border the beautifully manicured lawn. A sizable riding path likewise circumvents the property to the back, which likewise has another fenced space for your horses. It also comes with safe and secure black railings

.The stables are the best aspect concerning this lovely steel barn home. With a classic-looking exterior, you definitely would not envisage how efficient the interior is. It is totally modern and can accommodate about eight horses. In wintertime, the cutting-edge building will likewise make sure that the horses stay warm.

Furthermore, the modern 3-door garage is incredibly sizable and can hold up to 3 mini-tractors or five cars. You may likewise make use of a section of it to build a crafting place or to keep your tools.



38′ W x 13′ 4 ″ H x 60′ L + 36′ W x 9′ 4 ″ H x 48′ L + 36′ W x 9′ 4 ″ H x 48′ L.



Contact Morton Buildings, Inc Project #B125021082 


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