Find Out How This Beautiful Arc House Was Made To Appear Like An Airplane Hangar



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This single family detached Arc House containing the living, dining and kitchen areas in an open plan is designed by studio Maziar Behrooz Architecture. Completed in 2010, this modern design residence comes with two levels and a total surface of 6,600 sq. feet. The ground floor is about 3,000 sq. ft while the lower or cellar level is around 3,600 square feet. It lies in East Hampton, New York under a flight path to a local airport and near to a train track.

Compare Steel Building Prices. Save Up To 30%!

How do you plan on using your steel building?

The artists had taken into account this aspect that the house is situated close to the airport and underlined it in its exterior by making it appear like an airplane hangar. This kind of construction does not just appear remarkable, yet is likewise very cost-effective because it does not need a lot of supporting walls or columns inside of the building and makes use of the corrugated galvanized steel technology.

With its uninterrupted interior space, the Arc House includes simply a few of the facilities, like living, dining rooms and the kitchen, while the remainder of the property is perfectly incorporated to the landscaping, housing a few of the more cozy spaces. Defining the space within it are luxurious and elegant kitchen counter, staircase and other low-height element.

The property has an arching corrugated steel roof and a built flat-roofed section in the rear made from structural insulated panels. The simple and efficient layout enabled a voluminous and well-lit space and allowed the client to add to the number of bedrooms. It will also makes horizontal additions a lot easier in the future. A connecting bridge allows access to the bedrooms.  

The energy consumption of the property is considerably lower than a regular house of this size; because of both the arc shape and materials utilized such as a green roof, SIP Paneling, glazing u-values down to .12, and geothermal and high-efficiency HVAC. Likewise, the layout enables natural cooling.

Cool concrete and warm wood balance out the remaining components, while home windows which extend either side of the structure offer sufficient sunlight. A sizable manicured lawn borders Arc House, while a towering shade of pine trees skirts the almost three acres of land it rests on. This likewise provide a natural spatial boundary enabling open living spaces and requires minimal privacy.The landscape of the area where the house is located also complemented its design, thanks to many Quonset-hut green houses around.

The lower level houses a workplace, a sitting room, a garage and work out spots; section of the lower level opens to a sunken courtyard and driveway which enables refreshing air flow, a moderate temperature and a remarkably private outdoor area.


Single Family Detached, 3,000 sf on ground floor, 3,600 sf on lower (cellar) level
Hamptons, NY


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