Demand For Steel Buildings Continues To Rise

How do you plan on using your steel building?

Steel Buildings

Demand For Steel Buildings Continues To Rise

How do you plan on using your steel building?


This charming steel building house can be yours for $104K

If you are planning to build the life you have always been dreaming of for you and your family, then this practical yet lovely house might be the ideal one for you. It just comes at the right size to enjoy a comfortable living.
This particular house model built by FBi Buildings got everything for the average American family. It features handsome exterior and lovely interior designs, spacious room, a sturdy foundation, and wonderful landscaping.

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This two-story building house made entirely of steel can be yours for $117K

The entire structure was built out of steel, timber wainscot and stone. Glass doors and windows were also used. They all perfectly blend together to provide the building a striking appearance and atmosphere.
This steel building by Reichardt Construction is exceptionally strong in its entirety and will surely endure for many years. As to ensure that the roof will be able to withstand any external forces such as strong winds and heavy rains, steel framing was used.

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Barn-looking steel building house made more beautiful with limestone

Aside from the peculiar exterior design, the manner by which the steel building house was constructed made it more appealing.

Circle J Building put a lot more attention to detail in building it so as to make it structurally sound. Despite being already made out of metal, multiple supporting beams were in place from the base of the house up to the ceiling. Insulation and support do not hinder each other from doing their job. The high ceiling, meanwhile, can be a great opportunity to hang a pretty good chandelier. You’ll never worry about summer heat too, thanks to the lining on the ceiling.

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Beautiful steel building house with brick stone pillar

The matte paint work on the outside makes this house appear cold and modern at first glance. Yet this one-of-a-kind house has a lot of surprises to offer individuals who would wish to visit the residents.
For one, it is composed of stone brick work and steel basked in matte turquoise paint job blended together to exude a sophisticated look and a classic touch.

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Sophisticated 30×40 steel building house with generous interior space

This two-story steel building house basked in grey and matte blue paint finish appears totally chic. It is yet another unique work of art by Morton Buildings that is truly enchanting.
To provide a little warmth on the cold façade, the front area of the steel house is littered in dim lights. At the entrance comes a porch and a mini-patio which is perfect for star gazing at night or simply hosting picnics during sunny days.

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This 2-story metal frame cottage house can be yours for $165k

Superb interior design and cozy atmosphere rolled into one is what this two-story metal frame cottage house provides. It is fully equipped with basic amenities such as bathrooms, dining room, bedrooms, and so forth. To ensure durability against natural disasters, metal frame is used.
Having this outstanding piece of architecture is truly satisfying!

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Super strong metal building with impressive 140mph wind sustainability

A lot of families have already taken advantage of this new innovation in house construction, and everyone are well pleased with its total performance. The sustainability and durability of the building are only among the unique qualities that most folks appreciate about it. It is a technological advancement that every family needs, particularly in this era where calamities and natural disasters frequently happen.

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