Demand For Steel Buildings Continues To Rise

How do you plan on using your steel building?

Steel Buildings

Demand For Steel Buildings Continues To Rise

How do you plan on using your steel building?


Steel Building Carriage House with Luxurious Texan Vibe

Steel frames support this contemporary Southern comfort house to achieve that sturdy look. The metal sidings were completed with wood and cobblestone to highlight the side entrance going to the open second-floor veranda.

A project by Texas Home Plans, this steel building carriage house was prefabricated in Texas. It features a wide open space to satisfy your intuitive spirit.

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All-American Family Home Perfect for Newly Weds

This American-style home featuring simple yet alluring design is the ideal choice for a small family or a newlywed couple. This model is what most folks would normally refer to as a perfect All-American white picket fence home.

If you wish to live a contented and comfortable life in a relaxing home where you can create a lot of beautiful memories with your family and dear ones, then this will be a dream come true.

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Southern Style Country Cottage House Perfect for a Small Family

Getting your family a perfect house could be really challenging. To keep things simple amid the current economy is quite important, especially if you are a working individual. As such, we bring you here a house model that is just ideal for those who are starting a family. Aside from the fact that it is really lovely to look at, it has all the basic needs of a house to cater to all your needs.

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Inspiring American Country Home with Superior Look

This humble abode is the archetype of an American Country Home. The house model exudes classic design and traditional architecture that is just ideal for anybody looking for a perfect living area. It won’t surely disappoint anyone who would lay their eyes on it.

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Unique Country Home with Texas Style

This beautiful country estate is ideal for a small-sized family up to five. Its alluring facade captures the rural and rustic feel of the countryside.

The house comes with front and back porches that are ideal spots for your family to sit back and relax, and create lasting memories.

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Grand and luxurious steel frame-ready farmhouse

Who would have thought that this 2-story farmhouse can be this grand and luxurious? The design is truly magnificent! It steers clear from the normal definition of modern and minimalistic – referring to the black and white concept. Forget about black just this time as this humble abode will certainly give you the feeling that you are as if on a heavenly paradise. Could you ask for more?

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Fascinating 1,025 sq. ft. metal frame house perfect for a small family

Here is yet another beautiful house that is ideal for a small-sized family. It features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The structure’s size is just great for quick maintenance.
You can be assured that this house is durable as the frame is made out of fabricated metal. Its impeccable design follows the standard building design of a house where it must have an entrance and exit door.

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30 x 83 steel building house with minimalist interior design

While the exterior seems to have no astounding features, the interior offers a different impression. As soon as you get inside, you’d surely be amazed at the ingenuity of several people behind it.
Unexpectedly, this property got a lot to offer – from the spacious garage to the contemporary designed dining area with a bar counter at the side to a relaxing area behind the huge windows, and to the warm atmosphere in the living room. There is definitely no reason to reject it.

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Superb steel frame house with three layout options

To suit various personalities and tastes, this steel frame structure was built with a twist. It is composed of trusses to provide the property a more durable foundation. You are therefore assured that it could withstand any severe weather condition due to its sturdy structure.

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Beautiful Cottage House with a Victorian Era Feel

At first glance, this cottage house slightly looks like a farmhouse from the outside that provides a country feel. The layout is very distinct featuring a porch with a fireplace at the back of the cottage.
The design of the interior will amaze you all the more as you step inside. It is reminiscent of the Victorian era. So get yourself ready traveling back in time to a period where the ambiance is so grand and classy.

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Check out what makes this steel house truly one of a kind!

At initial look, this house built for Robert & Harriet of Beardstown, IL, may seem a plain home that is very welcoming. Yet, after a closer look, you will find that the one-of-a-kind design provides a fresh take on the contemporary house. A high ceiling which makes it usually mistaken for a two-story house can be found at one side of the property.

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