Sophisticated 30×40 steel building house with generous interior space


This two-story steel building house basked in grey and matte blue paint finish appears totally chic. It is yet another unique work of art by Morton Buildings that is truly enchanting.

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How do you plan on using your steel building?

To provide a little warmth on the cold façade, the front area of the steel house is littered in dim lights. At the entrance comes a porch and a mini-patio which is perfect for star gazing at night or simply hosting picnics during sunny days.

Compare Steel Building Prices. Save Up To 30%!

How do you plan on using your steel building?

Contrary to the dull color of the exterior, a homey and cozy ambiance of the house interior is achieved with a splash of warm yellow. It is accentuated with dim lights and wooden tone. The choice of color for the wall surfaces suits well with the wood work furnishing.

The top floor of the house contains the family room. Granite and marble countertops with wooden cupboards accentuate the kitchen. The spacious living room that can accommodate four or more people comes with a fireplace wrapped with stone bricks to provide a classic look.

The house in its entirety is quite spacious, with sufficient leg room for everyone to move around. The generous space is great for anyone wanting to unwind, relax and think. It’s the perfect abode for families with kids and pets. It is indeed yet another dream structure.

The ballpark price of this house starts from $25 to $80 per sq. ft.  The price may vary depending on materials used, finishes, permits and other add-ons such as windows, doors and so forth. Contact Morton Buildings for more accurate quote.


30’W x 11’H x 40’L, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Check the floor plan below for more details.



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