Thailand’s sophisticated floating houses built from steel frame


While residing on the water tends to be out of the ordinary, we need to cope with the truth and recognize that floating homes are a potential option to the issue of flooding. When it comes to someone who likes the sun and surf, these types of residences are the best mix of beachside haven and contemporary living . The X-Float at Kanchanaburi, Thailand is a great example. With incredible roof decks, staircases, significant scopes of windows and premium interiors, residing on the water certainly does not imply “roughing it.”

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Getting ideas from the conventional floating houses of the region, Agaligo Studio has designed X-Float, constructed as a component of the X2 River Kwai Resort in 2015. Apart from the green, mountainous panorama and popular River Kwai Bridge, Kanchanaburi is popular for its floating homes and rafts. These unique properties that float on the river significantly distinguish Kanchanaburi from any other places in the country. They are a brilliant concept that boosts the enthrallment of floating homes with a unique epitome of style and warmth.

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The X-Float’s design is similar to a volumetric evolution of a raft, a primeval synthetic floating platform, from 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional– to a homey unit. This makes X-Float a cross breed of vernacular and contemporary design. All of the floating units feature their individual waterfront deck, where anyone may loosen up and view life on the river pass you by. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows enable endless sights of the stunning river from the bed. Built from lightweight metal framing, clad, plywood, and fiber cement siding, every unit comes with a simple design and modern furnishings. There are likewise rooftop lounges, that are accessed by stairs on the side of every float house.

At the time of construction, to entirely get rid of disruptions to visitors who were living in the already running X2 Resort, X-Float’s floating units were constructed off-site and just towed for setup as soon as finished. Located at the river bend, each unit is oriented such that their river views are taken full advantage of and such that they are as much as possible protected from the severe, tropical midday sunlight.

The equilibrium in built load, air, and water is the crucial underlying guideline which keeps X-Float afloat and stable enough for visitors to indulge in their stay without getting motion sickness.

Wastewater and sewage are appropriately treated prior to being discharged into the natural river. To help with water filtering and strengthen the bordering ecosystem, aquatic plants like a reed, papyrus, and pondweed are re-planted across the site.


Location: Kanchanaburi, Thailand (13°57’59.66″N, 99°27’55.92″E), Area: 110 Sq.M., Year Completed : 2015


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